What kind of comment?

It is one of the most often heard (or read) comments in English football: he is not that kind of player, usually referring to someone who just shattered the leg of an opponent with a gentle caress of his studs.

I will not debate in this “about” section, the merits of such comment. I may do it in some other post, when I get round to it. I am just trying to describe the concept behind this blog.

Truth is, despite some excellent writing about football in English (consult my blogroll), there are very much two ways of looking at the sport: the ideological and the purist. Since most of the writing in english follows an english point of view, I decided to bring my own perspective to the few unlucky readers who have the disfortunate of falling here.

Not that kind of comment will follow your usual suspects concerning football: matches, both recent or old; players; debates; tactics; ideas and concepts; etc. The difference is the perspective. As a portuguese who reads mainly english authors (or authors writing for english-speaking audiences) and lives between Germany and the Netherlands, I will probably provide a different eye to the debates.

Controversy will at times be assured (not being a journalist, I have the luxury of not having to follow professional or political correctness), depending very much on the mood. Some pieces will be well-thought, others will be written in the spur of the moment. In all cases, the opinions will be mine. If you do not like it, expect a two-footed written tackle followed by the words “not that kind of comment“…



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