Ronaldo does make enough money… to journalists

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the most likeable person in the world. And yes, comparing him to Messi, both from a footballing and a personal point of view, is unfair (even if I think Messi may not be the nice guy he is so much portrayed as). And on the pitch he acts as a diva which does little to endear us.

So, when he mentioned he is “sad” after not celebrating the goals against Granada over the weekend, it became only natural not to sympathise with him. The question then became the why: why is he sad? As some immediately wrote, he is young, rich, adored by (some) crowds, he is in his physical prime, he is supposed to be in a nice relationship with a beautiful woman (according to glossy magazines), has a stable personal life, etc. What is causing the sadness?

Is it life at Real? Maybe he does not get along that well with Marcelo anymore. Maybe the different clans in the dressing room are creating rifts amongst the players. There is the chance he was upset for not winning the UEFA award that went to Iniesta (he said no and we have to believe him, he never had any problems in expressing his displeasure with previous such decisions). Then there is the question of money: he wants more.

If so, it begs a different question: can a man who makes so much money actually be sad for not getting even more? Especially in a country with 25% unemployment and with salaries receding? The answer is obvious: of course he can. What others make or not is immaterial. It is true that footballers make outrageous sums, but only a small percentage of them are in that category. The vast majority of professional footballers make little more than the average citizen and at the end of the career they still face a much more prolonged retirement. Besides, if Ronaldo and other superstars make that much money, it is because those people who make so much less do pay to watch them. I would bet that there are families feeling the economic squeeze in Spain who may cut on some food items but who haven’t cancelled their pay-TV subscriptions, especially those involving football.

Besides, one can always be sad. Ronaldo did not force anyone to pay those values to him. They offered him those values. Maybe now he thinks he should be getting even more. If he is denied, why shouldn’t he be sad? The same can be said for the other postulated reasons. If you work with people you don’t get along with, you will be sad, no matter how much you make. If the club secretary called you an asshole to your face and the bosses did nothing, you can also get sad, the salary may help but will not solve the problem.

In the end, the only people who do not seem sad are the journalists. Ronaldo is sad. No matter he preferred not to discuss the subject. No matter it may even be a personal issue (his favourite club mascot died or something like that). No matter nobody outside the club actually knows what is going on. No. Cristiano Ronaldo, the diva, is sad. We can sell that. Let’s rejoice.


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